When Brush Cutters Attack

I was sitting here thinking about an accident I had on Friday, and having a bit of a giggle about it.

For those of you who don’t know, I have spent the last couple of months or so, doing some casual work with a mate of mine that owns a Jims Mowing franchise and one of his brother franchisees. I have to tell you, if you had told me six months ago that I would enjoy pushing a mower around, I would have said you were NUTS… Anyhoo, that’s what I’m doing and I love it!

I have learned how to mow efficiently with a self propelled push mower and also to drive one of those fancy zero turn jobs. I reckon I need a lot more practise on the zero turn thing though… 😀

I have learned to use a hedge trimmer and apparently I am not too bad at that. I have developed a whole new understanding of the distaste I have for weeding. :-)

I have learned how to use a blower effectively and efficiently and I have also learned how to edge a lawn with a brush cutter.
This is where I tell you about (a) The title of this post and (b) The opening line of this post.

On the days that I work with my mate, I use his little brush cutter and he uses the bigger one. A few weeks ago I borrowed one of his mowers and his bigger brush cutter to do my daughters lawn. As I was cutting into some rather stubborn grass, the brush cutter grabbed something and was flung into the steel rail at the bottom of her front stairs. The impact busted the head of the brush cutter into a number of unusable pieces. Boy did I cop flak for that… Anyhoo, Friday I was having trouble getting the smaller brush cutter to start, and as he wasn’t using the bigger one, my mate suggested that I should use it. So away I go, the nature strip looks lovely then into the front yard. I am in the front yard for less than 30 seconds and BANG!!! the head of the brush cutter just blows apart, and a big piece of it smacks right into my ankle… I tried to find the pieces but what I did find couldn’t be used to put it all back together again. It’s all good though, we got the smaller brush cutter to run and we finished of the job before heading back to my mates place so that he could repair the bigger one.

Immediately after we had repaired the broken brush cutter, we get back to work and for the most part, the rest of the day is relatively incident free. We get to the last house and everything is chugging along just fine when, without warning and almost no complaint, the head of the little brush cutter seemed to vaporise… One second it was cutting away happily and the next, the green line was tangled around the end of the handle…

I decided then and there that I had had enough. I still wasn’t prepared to take a look at my ankle to see how badly it was bruised. I knew it was bruised because it hurt so much. :-( I had a look when I got home and it was not looking too good.

All that being said, here’s the funny thing… I love doing this work. In my whole working life I have never had a job that demands such physical output as this one does, but I love this work. I am on a new journey. Keep coming back to get more updates…

For now though…

I Am Where I Am, And That’s OK!

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  • I’ve been meaning to do a post about this for a few weeks now, so here it is. It’s just unfortunate that it took a brush cutter belting me in the ankle to make it happen…

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